Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy

Created to help hard working, long serving W-2 employees "do well by doing good"

Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy

Rolling over corporate stock? You may be able to increase its value significantly.

Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy

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Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy

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What business owners & employees need to know for retirement. Watch the recording, hear from Bill Lloyd, and learn how The Charitable Payraise® could help retirees reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and give back. Mary McCooe shares how ESOPs work and what to expect as a business owner.

See Our Process At Work

The Traditional Method

Traditionally, an employee & company contribute pre-tax dollars to a 401K. These funds are invested in a variety of funds and company stock.

The value of the account grows overtime, as additional deferrals and company match are contributed, and the value of the investments, including company stock, increase.

At retirement, these holdings are liquidated, rolled over, reinvested, and distributed as taxable income.

The ROQS® Method

As before, the employee & company still contribute pre-tax dollars to the 401K, allowing investments to grow over time, just as always.

However, once the employee retires or severs, a different strategy is employed:

Our Solution

By leveraging our unique method, retirees will significantly reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and create a living legacy of good works via charitable giving. To illustrate these improvements, our new proprietary tool, The ROQS® Method app will project potential scenarios related to your holdings by using ROQS®, compare & contrast ROQS® versus traditional strategies, and forecast long term results for both the retiree and charity(s).

Let Us Help You

To learn more about the ‘secret sauce’ of The ROQS® Method and sign a required non-disclosure agreement, please reach out to our team.

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All of us at The Charitable Payraise™ look forward to working with you, your advisor, and your favorite charities to optimize your retirement while making the world a better place