At the end of the day…How will you be remembered?

You’ve worked your tail off your whole life. You’ve done your best, raised your kids right, coached little kids, gave your time at church, and took care of the neighbor when their chips were down. You didn’t ask for any notoriety or attention. You simply did it because it was the right thing to do. That’s the American way. You learned it, you lived it, and now you need to teach it…

Establishing Your Legacy

What if you could improve your retirement and establish a legacy of ‘doing the right thing’ at the same time? What if your taxes went down, retirement cash flow went up, and the battered women’s home down the street was forever the beneficiary of your gift, your work, your life, your love? What would it teach your children if your legacy forever helped make the world a better place?

Doing Well and Doing Good

There’s a way. There is a new financial method that helps good old hard-working folks, who happen to own their company’s stock in their retirement plan, do well by doing good. The ROQS™ Method aligns the interests of a retiree and charity to the benefit of both. You don’t have to be Bill & Melinda Gates, Oprah, the Walton Family, or Tiger Woods to make a huge difference in this world. Now all retirees who meet this description can leave a positive mark on this planet too.

Innovative Approach

The ROQS™ Method, created by The Charitable Payraise LLC, is a revolutionary new solution for certain retirees. It combines a seldom known tax rule which affects the stock of publicly traded employers, held in an employee’s retirement plan, with tax law from the Trusts & Estates area utilizing charitable structures. The combination produces power outcomes for both the retirees and the 501(c)3 organizations.

Think of the Impact You Want to Make

What is a cause or organization that you believe in and would like to help? You may already have one in mind. If not, here are a few tools to help you identify a nonprofit or cause that speaks to your interests and passion. Charity Navigator is a website that can help you search and find a nonprofit that aligns with your values. Another solution might be to ask your friends and family via social media and see which organizations are suggested.

What are You Waiting For?

Once you identify a charity, reach out to us and we can help create a solution for your charity of choice. Whether it starts with you as the donor or if the charity is interested in sharing it with their network – we can help. You can simply go to our website and click on the Who We Help page to let us know more. Many nonprofits struggle with consistent cash flow, and our solution could help create a more significant reliable cash flow.