3 Ways Advisors Can Expand Their Financial Planning Toolkit with Their Clients

Since 2020, nonprofits have struggled to find opportunities to generate new sources of revenue. In parallel, inflation has started to rise, and an increase in taxes is on the horizon. As such it is inspiring to read the latest from Fidelity Charitable that shows giving has continued to rise since 2020, and we have maintained the increase in philanthropy since the 1970s. Not surprisingly, the “On the Leading Edge” report from Fidelity Charitable highlighted key insights and statistics that show why charitable giving should be a no-brainer offer for advisors to provide their clients. In a recent blog, we discussed what to know about charitable giving and taxes, however, this blog will focus on three different examples of how The Charitable Payraise is helping clients and advisors with new solutions that build on past charitable giving solutions.

Clients with NUA or Company Stock who want to get more out of it

Utilizing the Charitable Payraise, advisors can help individuals get the most out of their NUA (company stock). However, it is critical that the Charitable Payraise be utilized before the 401K is transferred. In collaboration with financial advisors, we can help individuals make a bigger impact with their 401K, increase after-tax retirement cash flow, give back more and have a legacy. 

Did you know that 33% of Wealth Advisors who offer charitable giving have a higher proportion of clients with $1M+ in managed assets?

Clients who want to retire and aren’t sure they can give back too

We value meeting with advisors and clients to understand if our patented method can help make a difference when it comes to minimizing taxes while still giving back to a charity or charities. Many individuals believe that saving money for retirement and giving back are unfortunate tradeoffs. But they don’t have to be. Many families want to make a difference throughout their life, not just when they pass. We can potentially help with that.

Interested in expanding your charitable planning? Learn how we can help. Among millionaires who receive charitable planning – they tend to rate their financial advisor 27% higher as a multigenerational resource

Individuals who manage their retirement assets on their own

Many people, do not feel like they have enough retirement assets to warrant getting an advisor. When advisors add the Charitable Payraise to their toolkit, it can expand who they can help too. Some people may also have a mix of highly appreciated assets, these can also be reviewed and considered for giving a Charitable Payraise while also helping you achieve your retirement goals.

There are many tools for advisors to utilize and help their clients achieve their goals. The Charitable Payraise is an approach that is building on what exists today and helping to expand the ability of hard-working people to give back and retire too.

Did you know that 81% of Advisors who offer charitable giving tend to have a larger share of wallet? 

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The Charitable Payraise™ & The ROQS™ Method were created to help hard-working, long-serving W-2 employees ‘do well by doing good’, resulting in maximization of their retirement assets and increasing their after-tax retirement income.