Featuring SafeSpot a Nonprofit Supported Through The Charitable Payraise® & University Impact

Giving back to the community is the foundation of why Bill Lloyd established The Charitable Payraise® several years ago. As an active member of the Northern Virginia community, he attended the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s Gala in 2022, where he was inspired by the SafeSpot story. 

As a result of hearing about the fantastic work SafeSpot does, he decided to utilize his own financial method to increase his impact. Bill leveraged The Charitable Payraise® and the ROQS Method® with a critical partner, University Impact, to create a DAF to support SafeSpot. Mr. Lloyd chose to work with Dan Blake, from University Impact, because of their mission to be a major player in solving the world’s social and environmental problems.

Upon the donation, Heather O’Malley, the CEO of SafeSpot, reached out to Bill and said, “I cannot begin to express how grateful and inspired I was to learn of your very generous donation to SafeSpot, and to know what a significant impact it will make for the children we serve.” 

We look forward to continuing to collaborate to support SafeSpot as well as our partners. The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s annual Gala is coming up on October 6th, 2023, and we look forward to attending again this year.

About SafeSpot

SafeSpot clients are child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse. These young and vulnerable individuals will find that their needs are placed above all others and that the SafeSpot approach is compassionate yet efficient. Throughout the intervention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment, Safespot provides no-cost services to children victims and their non-offending family members. All services are designed to reduce present trauma, better navigate the systems involved, and promote healing.

About The Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

Founded in 1978, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia is a tax-exempt trusted public charity that advances equity through philanthropy and community leadership.

Its work is guided by a strategic plan that advances four key priorities for the region:

  • Social and Economic Mobility
  • Racial Justice and Equity
  • Inclusive Systems of Economic Growth
  • Community Resilience

Comprised of donor-established funds for individuals, families, businesses and organizations, permanent funds, giving circles, and other charitable endowments, the Community Foundation invests and administers these funds in partnership with its donors and other leaders to advance equity, striving to build a community that works for everyone.

In 2022 the Community Foundation awarded more than $7.0 million in grants and scholarships and reported $80 million in managed philanthropic assets. Our philanthropy offers a positive impact within the Northern Virginia community and beyond.

About University Impact

UI Charitable Advisors is an advisory firm that helps investment advisors empower their clients to give more impactfully. Since our founding, we have worked with students on almost every continent. We’ve hired 107 of them. In our latest quarter we held mini-trainings for 234 students, a two-week bootcamp for 22, and placed 11 students in social impact internships.

We work to help our philanthropists to recognize the value of focusing on achieving great outcomes in the lives of others through their philanthropic giving and impact investing.

Impact investing is investing into an organization with the intention of generating positive financial and impact returns.  Impact investments can target a range of returns, based on the investors’ financial and impact goals. They are made in both emerging and developed markets.

When you make an impact investment from your UI DAF, the financial returns are recycled back into your DAF account for future giving.