Creating Lasting Effects

The Charitable Payraise® & The ROQS® Method were created to help hard working, long serving W-2 employees ‘do well by doing good’, resulting in maximization of their retirement assets and increasing their after-tax retirement cash flow.

Our Charities & Partner Organizations

Who We Help

Hardworking W-2 Baby Boomers are in trouble when they retire. Individuals with company stock in their 401Ks are particularly at risk given tax penalties, and concentrated stock risk.

Nonprofits such as university endowments, charities that are local, regional, or even national can take advantage of having a new tool to expand their donor base.

Advisors have the ability to provide a new innovative solution for their current clients and expand their offerings for families and individuals who want to leave a legacy and generate more after tax retirement cash flow.

Publicly traded companies that care about giving back to the community and giving their employees a new way to increase their impact will find The ROQS Method® a great solution to make an even bigger difference.