Our Goal, Your Legacy

Our Vision
To Help Hard Working, Long Serving W-2 Employees “Do Well By Doing Good”

The Mission
Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy

Our Goal
By leveraging our unique approach, most retirees significantly reduce their taxes, increase after-tax cash flow, and create a living legacy of good works via charitable giving.

TCP Team

Bill Lloyd

As a 34-year veteran of the financial services industry, Bill’s career has evolved over the years from starting in the insurance and investment side of things to evolving into financial planning. Within the latter, he has always had a bent on identifying different tax strategies to take some of the sting out of the tax bill for his clients. About five years ago, there was a small change in the tax code that opened the door to a new opportunity. It occurred to him, that if he harnessed that change in the tax code and combined it with a concept from the estate planning area, he could generate real good, for retirees as well as charities. Thus, he founded The Charitable Payraise®.Bill has been on the planned giving committee of his alma mater, Colgate University, for almost 20 years. Bill’s father was a career Marine who ran DC Toys for Tots as part of his duty for three years. Giving back has been part of his family and professional life ever since. It is not an accident that Bill would create a method to help clients and charities at the same time.

Cristina B
Cristina Buffington

Jen Dalton

Kiley Doll

Kiley Doll

Advisory Board

John Hurley

John Hurley

Jeff Hamblen

Jeff Hamblen

Steve O'Bryan

Steve O’Bryan

Jamie McIntyre
Jamie Mcintyre
Amy Horner

Amy Horner

Leo Fox

Leo Fox

Our advisory board consists of leaders across industries and areas of expertise who will guide and collaborate with the leadership team of The Charitable Payraise®.

Our Values

The Charitable Payraise® & The ROQS® Method were created to help hard working, long serving W-2 employees ‘do well by doing good’, resulting in maximization of their retirement assets and increasing their after-tax retirement cash flow.

Our core values reflect our mission and how we approach each decision and relationship with retirees, families, advisors, charities, and companies.

Positive Impact

Better Retirement, Lasting Legacy


Dedicated to helping W-2 Employees and Nonprofits Have More Resources


Leverage new thinking and ideas to create collaborative solutions


Provide tools to empower individuals, advisors, and nonprofits with transparency and informed decision making

Designations & Background

30+ years in Insurance, Investment, Tax Strategy & Financial Planning

All of us at The Charitable Payraise® look forward to working with you, your advisor, and your favorite charities to optimize your retirement while making the world a better place