The Charitable Payraise® Launches New Continuing Education Course for CPAs

Thanks to the partnership with, Bill Lloyd has  developed a Continuing Education Course on Charitable Contribution Deductions.

The Charitable Payraise® is a new financial method designed to help those converting appreciated assets to income-producing resources in a more tax-efficient manner. The result produces substantially increased after-tax client cash flow while supporting the charity(s) of their choice. The course will identify the changes in tax law that facilitated the new method, elements of the ‘Should’ tax opinion in support of TCP, and the types of assets that do and do not qualify for use. In addition, the roles and responsibilities of the CPA, as well as other professionals, to implement and maintain the method will be addressed.

After this training, the student will be able to:

  • Identify which clients may be eligible for The Charitable Payraise®
  • Determine asset types that qualify for use in this new strategy
  • Learn which tax law changes made this financial method possible
  • Understand the roles of the CPA and other advisors in order to implement and maintain The Charitable Payraise®