Leaders in Retirement | John Norce & Bill Lloyd on Medicare in Retirement | Webinar

Watch the interview with John Norce on Medicare and how to navigate retirement given the importance Medicare plays in financial planning below. Learn how The Charitable Payraise® plays a role in retirement planning and is a key product for advisors to leverage on behalf of their clients.

As the founder and President of MP Group, John works to educate and support those navigating their Medicare journey. During his 30 years in the insurance industry, John has assisted thousands of clients seamlessly enroll in Medicare. His extensive and current knowledge of Medicare uniquely qualifies him to be a certified Continuing Education Instructor for agents. He teaches them how to best support clients as they become Medicare beneficiaries.

For advisors, CPAs, financial planners, and estate planners consider using our app and see how we can assist your clients, at no charge, while also understanding how these options can help your clients give back to charities too.